welcome to dangochi! c:
my name is caitlyn and acnl has taken over my life. :'D

click the "cycle town" link for info about my villager giveaways.


I’d make a pretty great pirate to be honest

Charlise just randomly moved into my town and screwed up the lighthouse area I spent several hours working on last night. When I found out who gave her to me, I’m gonna kill them. D’:

villagers i for sure never wanna get rid of:

villagers that built their houses in the worst possible locations:


first time trying to draw animal crossing characters! if you want one please message me :) 

aww this is so cute i want one. D’:


my heart omg


ummm i’m not sure if you’re asking for him or demanding him or just stating a fact, but if you’re asking for the marshal i posted on villagertrade, i’ve already picked someone to give him to, and the one in my new town isn’t moving out yet, sorry…

muffy came to renee’s birthday party. my cute uchi girls stick together. c:


i’ve wanted marina so badly for so long, and she even waited to appear in my cycle town until i had a new town ready for her to move in to! ;_;